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Ruffled feathers come along with being truly vulnerable.

Some may ponder why I speak such intimate truths within my book, Out of the Shadows. My first response may be to cower but I've cowered long enough within the shadows. The real truth is that the wounds of sexual abuse linger in deep gaping abysses deep within the body and the core being of a person, male or female. While wounds of the flesh heal, wounds of the womb need tending and nurturing, but far too often the flesh heals and it is assumed that the womb wounds heal in the same way. There has been a stigma of speaking of the sexual wounds that lay deep within the womb, but it is time that these wounds come out of the shadows and be seen. These wounds often leave energetic trails and markers within the body that often present themselves as it grows deeper within the covering of the wild forest of the soul. Painful periods, endometriosis, psychological vaginal pain, blocks in creativity are screams from the womb to heal, to be seen and to be heard, nurtured, loved so that it can heal. My drive to publish this book has been to allow woman to know that they are not alone in their pain and that true healing can and does occur. My gyno spoke to me of medical issues relating back to the abuse. When I told her that I was aware of what was happening and what I, myself, was doing to heal these unspoken, often unseen wounds, she hugged me and told me that I was further on in my healing than I know. She hugged me and I cried. She proceeded to tell me that she has spoken to woman, her patients, about issues such as mine and they never return to her office. Why? Because some have buried the memories so deeply that they remain hidden and for some, de-nile (denial) is a long river. I wanted to be candid so that these women come to know that they are not alone in their journey. I want to send a form of life preserver so that they don't sink any further. This is why discussing sexual intimacy is important to me. If me being vulnerable, on the stage of life, naked for the world to see helps those who need the life preserver, then so be it. For those whose feathers become ruffled when the truth is spoken, good. Ruffle those feathers, flap those wings and get ready to fly to another nest where your wounds that need to be healed are tended by those in the unseen with deep loving care and wisdom. As for me and those who know that their feathers just need preening and are ready to face the shadows, we fly free and catch the sun's beams on our wings as we soar to sovereignty and true soul freedom.

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