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Signs..Big and Small

When we get so confused about who we are in relationship to God, we step out of flow of balance, as you are God and God is you. You are one and the same. There is no division; no stopping and starting point- there just is - you as prime creator of your desires and life. There are no right nor wrong turns for you in this lifetime for every choice will bring you to your destiny. In the moments of unclarity, just start moving towards one of your choices and feel into it. How does it feel to you? Sense it. Turn on the innate powers within you as they are committed to serve your highest good of pure intent. All who wander are not lost - But your time of wandering is complete. It is time now for you to forge ahead on the path you created for others to follow. There are no crumbs left behind for instead what has been left are sparkles of divinity that you've left along your path for divine illumination of other's souls.

Sometimes life screams answers and flashes them like billboards within your soul's vision and sometimes answers come gently like the flutter of wings of a rare butterfly, whisping through the meadow. Just because one answer may be louder and more vibrant-in your face, so to speak, does lessen the importance or significance of the softer answers to your seeking. It is what we allow into our awareness that often holds the key to the potency of response. It is often not necessary to sit in quiet contemplation for guidance but it is in bringing awareness to the signs and symbols presented around you. The key is for you and your higher self to connect the nuances, often subtle, to know that they are the messages and answers you seek.

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