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Out of the Shadows

A soulful journey back to self after years of abuse

at the hands of a Catholic priest.

Author, Spiritual Mentor, and the creator of

Soul Matrix Healing

Often true power is experienced by those who have gone through an arduous journey. This is a powerful and heartfelt David and Goliath story that will inspire hope for anyone who has experienced any form of abuse and the violation of trust. From the ashes of pain a mighty Phoenix can emerge. 



Out of the Shadows is an autobiography written by Audrey Yagalla. It describes how her entire adult life was shaped by sexual abuse involving a Catholic priest when she was a young girl. The abuse and its aftermath is described in great detail. Audrey goes on to explain how her beliefs and life were negatively impacted long after the abuse ended. This book serves a greater purpose...  This is a must read!

Susan Robin-Gadd


This is an inspiring book, exposing the shocking truth of abuse within the Church and a manipulative abusive self serving priest and showing the immense strength, resilience, love and capacity of Aydrey.  She has spoken her truth to stop this ongoing abuse supported by the dysfunctionality and cover-up of church systems.  Aydrey is a glowing loving joyful light, and  brilliant healer able to help empower others to transforming their lives and healing.

There comes a time...

when you have to speak your truth in order to fully heal.

Out of the Shadows is a TRUE story about triumph over that which attempted to break my soul; the years of abuse at the hands of a Catholic priest. It is a reaccount of the early years, in detail, as well as a story of understanding and claiming the mission to help others heal from their own traumas. 


This is the true story about me, the girl that the Pennsylvania Attorney General spoke about and whose story was never fully heard until now.

Media Kit

“…I no longer considered my progress toward greater understanding of myself as “work,” since the word work has some

negative connotations for our society;
instead, I considered it movement

toward something greater.”

“Out of the Shadows”
Chapter Six: Healing Begins in Earnest

Letter to the Supporters of Skotek

In a powerful, deeply felt manifesto that is a voice for all who have been abused, below are portions of an open letter to family, friends, and supporters of Audrey’s abuser, Thomas D. Skotek. It recognizes the pain felt by everyone involved, and one that calls for sensible, equitable handling of pedophilia by both church and state to put an end to the silent suffering of victims around the world.


“And this is to those men and women who think they know the truth about what happened because you know him personally. Did he tell you how in his words, “our relationship” began? Did he tell you about how he came to St. Casimir’s Church to help save the parish? Did he tell you that the building was beautiful and needed work? Did he tell you that he started bringing people back? Did he tell you that he started youth groups? Did he tell you that people loved him? Did he tell you how old we all were when we were asked, only girls, to be volunteer money counters? Did he tell you how he talked to each girl’s parents to ask their permission? Did he tell you that he learned some... 

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What the Vatican Should Do Around Issues of Sexual Abuse and in Support of Survivors

In an excerpt from Out of the Shadows - Chapter Nine:

Insights and Growth:


“Healings the Vatican could (and should) bring about — The Vatican has the power to stand beside the survivors of sexual abuse and make radical changes unprecedented in religious history. It would mean many clerics having to face consequences, and it would mean the church having to pay out money to those who had no voice in the legal system, but it would signal that the Vatican is serious about ending the madness that has occurred far too long. Yes! The Vatican and Pope Francis could join the cause for reform of the laws and work with legislatures in that reform.


They could also have each guilty priest or bishop admit publicly they have abused, and have them publicly apologize...

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House Bill 1171 Passes

Listen to PA State Rep. Tarah Toohil

speaks on the House Floor reading a statement to others who were victimized.

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