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Author, Healer, Sage

I am the Author of my own story, a survior of years of abuse at the hands of a Catholic priest. I am a Healer, having done the work to heal the trauma's of my life. And I am a Sage, a title I gifted myself, which I speak in honor of the journey, insights and magic of reclaiming self.

A soulful journey back to self after years of abuse at the hands of a Catholic priest.


The 2018 Grand Jury into the Catholic Church was comprised of 23 men + women. Their report rocked the international community and brought Survivors out of the shadows. Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro


I am the girl that wrote Pope Francis in hopes that somehow I could help stop the pedophile epidemic within the church. I am the girl who was never given a response by the Vatican. 




About me

“I am but a piece of Divine who chose this blueprint
of a soul life to learn, to grow and to awaken change within the matrix systems that no longer serve humanity.”

On a wing and a prayer...

with grace walking beside me, Spirit guiding me even in my darkest nights of shadow work, I kept a light, however dim, burning deep within the core of my being.

Work with me

Why work with me? What makes me different from the rest of the healers, sages, writers?

I have life experiences that have taken me on many journeys within my relationships (family, friends, partners/spouse, children, co-workers) as well as diving deep into my spirituality, clearing beliefs/feelings, navigating grief (death, changes, expectations) and shadow work. I have navigated it and learned a variety of modalities so that I am able to assist those who seek to thrive for something greater for themselves and for future generations. When you commit to work with me, you also commit to yourself, with my guidance and assistance, knowing that maneuvering through murky waters requires guidance sometimes.

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