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My Story

I am an alchemist. I have spent my adult life within the fires of transformation, embers low in quiet pauses but most often ablaze with burning desire to free myself from self-deprecating beliefs, feelings and actions in moments of alchemy. When I moved away from the fire, it was still present as I would blow smoke towards me in the form of memories that often choked the voice which was silently screaming from deep free. Speak your truth. Fire, ever present. This fire remains lit and it is tended to, but now with great care and love, as this fire is the fire that has set my soul-self free to rise and be…me.

As {an alchemist} a writer, healer, sage, I not only have used a variety of healing modalities that have aided me on my path, but I have also learned the various modalities that have been important to me on my path to being a divinely sovereign female. It is my honor to assist those whose path crosses mine whether it is via my written words, the healing skills that I utilize or the information that I share heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul during single sessions or when teaching classes. I have been through the shadows and darkness and I am available to assist those who are in the shadows ready to step into their light.

My Credentials & Certifications

*Usui Reiki Master-Teacher
*Gifted a Reptilian Seed Removal Procedure guided by Arcturains 
*Shamanic Reiki Master 

*Rainbow Reiki

*Egyptian Reiki
*Bestowed with Arcturian Fire 
*Light Language 
*ThetaHealing® DNA I/II Practitioner

*TAG course work and advanced Shamanic Studies
*Certified Akashic Record Reader
*Womb Keeper and Earth Keeper 
*Psychic Photographer
*Neuro-Linguistic Program, Level One Certified
*Master’s Degree in Elementary Education
*Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication Disorders
*Dual state certification in Elementary Education and Speech/Language Disorders

Nature is my church...

As a young child, I loved being amongst nature in the woods, walking the creek and singing to the animals. Throughout my formative years, I was raised that God was in a building and that devotion to God meant entering a structure once a week. As my life evolved and my spiritual practice morphed, I came to understand that wherever I am, God is. I need not go anywhere specific but for me, I find my peace and my communion with Source in nature, amongst the wild things that the sun warms, the rains help to nurture and grow and the earth shelters. I find Source in the elements of nature, the four leggeds, the creepy crawlies and the two footed that are on Gaia.

Reflections of the past...

Out of the shadows

Out of the Shadows is a TRUE story about triumph over that which attempted to break my soul; the years of abuse at the hands of a Catholic priest. It is a reaccount of the early years, in detail, as well as a story of understanding and claiming the mission to help others heal from their own traumas. 

“I am but a piece of Divine who chose this blueprintof a soul life to learn, to grow and to awakenchange within the matrix systems that no longerserve humanity.”

Work with me

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